Fenix Technology International, Inc.




We are technology commercialization experts with over 50 years of technology development and commercialization.   We are gladly sharing our experience with you to find marketable products and bring them to the market.


We review technology basics, advice a client on market viability and potential options for funding and walk through commercialization steps with an entrepreneur to help get the project off the ground.​

We are also working jointly with engineers/scientists in obtaining R&D funding and participate actively in projects as project managers and providing technical/engineering support.



FENIXTEC was formed specifically to "build bridges" between US and NIS (Former Soviet Union) organizations engaged in technology transfer. The need for such a company was based upon recognition of the economic and security interests of both sides and their respective technological and skilled manpower resources, as well as their cultural and political differences. As a result, the Company's founders combined and augmented their professional experience and expertise to form a team that specializes in helping industry, research laboratories, and academia, both in the US and NIS, to capitalize on the opportunities offered within the dynamic defense conversion and technology transfer markets.


These activities resulted in 1994 in forming a Technology Incubator in Moscow, Russia that was operational between 1994 and 2012.   Fenixtec personnel together with Russian partners (IBTI and Academy of National Economy) reviewed several thousand scientific projects/products submitted by research laboratories/institutes for potential commercialization.  As a result based on private funding and funding by the US Agency for International Development several dozen of projects received initial funding for product development with focus on eventual commercialization.   Over 20 Russian companies were formed based on these developments and several projects formed joint ventures with US and European companies to continue commercialization.


In late 1990's with 1998 financial crisis and increased problems in operating in Russia, Fenixtec acquired some of promising IP and marketed several projects in the West.   This resulted in formation of several entities including Applied Ultrasonics, Space Research R&D and Environmental Programs in the United States, Europe, Australia, S. Africa and South America.   Applied Ultrasonics was incorporated in 1998 utilizing an original Technology Incubator project dealing with stress relief by ultrasonic energy.   Currently, incorporated under UIT LLC, Applied Ultrasonics designing and marketing a wide range of ultrasonic equipment and tools with applications in rehabilitation of infrastructure, shipyards, oil and gas pipelines, aerospace and other structures made of metals delivering improvements of components performance and increasing up to the order of magnitude their fatigue life.


Fenixtec is active in collaboration with one of leading Russian scientists in space research developing processes and instrumentation for space applications primarily in the area of looking for origins of life on other planets.   Majority of funding is coming from the NASA research contracts and grants in collaboration with the NASA Goddard Space Center in Maryland.  Several designs of TOF mass spectrometers and components are available for purchase from Fenixtec.

Fenixtec in collaboration with Russian engineering company UPEC has developed several patented processes for purification of drinking water and for remediation of municipal and industrial wastewater with removal of heavy metals and other contaminants.  The technologies are available for licensing