Fenix Technology International, Inc.




Supplies for TOF Mass Spectrometers:

The company can supply components of mass spectrometry systems, such as:
Ion Sources
Vacuum Chambers
Lasers and
Optical Systems

These can be standard systems or systems designed to customer's specifications. We have access to scientific centers in Russia where components can be designed and built at very attractive prices, in addition to innovative designs and technology solutions.

Compact Long-Focus Laser Ion Sources for TOF MS
Recently designed Long-Focus Laser Beam Ion Source with Optical System for TOF MS is currently available for order. The basic specifications are listed below:
- Optical system focusing distance – 20 to 30 cm
- IR Laser - λ ~ 1.06 µm, τ ~ 10 nsec, Å ~ 18-20 mJ
- IR-Laser beam (Q pulsed) is focused into 30 to 80 µm diameter spot
- Laser beam spot power density - up to ~10(+E11) W/cm2
- Objective Lens is connected to an optical microscope with magnification of 30 to 60 allowing observation of laser impact spot
- Optical system provides laser spot movements within ± 10 mm vertically and ± 5 mm horizontally
- With assistance of circular optical attenuator (included with this optical system) the laser beam power density can be varied between 0 and up to ~ 10(+E11) W/cm2
- System weight with laser power supply – under 2.5 kg
- Laser Sources depending on specifications and components are priced between $10,500 and $19,900.